The Thermometer Company I Use

BlogWhen I started smoking/grilling different meats I knew I needed to find a trusted thermometer. I started looking at different blogs, websites, and reviews and noticed two main catagories. Category 1 included thermometers I found on Amazon, Walmart, and websites offering massive savings on these devices. I started asking myself would I trust a thermometer […]

Smoked Mac N Cheese

I wanted to make a Mac N Cheese recipe after getting so many requests. This recipe is great for any gathering where you need to feed multiple people. The smoke adds a great flavor that you won’t get any with any other Mac N Cheese. I have made this recipe multiple times for family, friends, […]

Smoky BBQ Baby Back Ribs

Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  These Baby Back Ribs were so tasty and I can still taste them just reading this recipe. This recipe is for the 3-2-1 method, however you could use the 3-1-1 for more competition style ribs. If you want fall off the bone ribs then use the 3-2-1 method for […]

Classic Smoked Bologna

This is an easy recipe that I recommend if you have a new smoker or grill that you’re eager to use. Don’t get me wrong; even easy recipes are still tasty ones that everyone loves to eat. This recipe is designed for the 5lb bologna tube that you buy at your local grocery store (pictured […]

Smoked Potatoes

If you’re looking for an easy side dish to make for your family and friends; look no further. Smoked Potatoes taste like no other potatoes out there. I use this simple recipe to impress my family when we are in the mood for potatoes. Smoking potatoes is like your favorite undershirt that you will never […]

Smoky Stuffed Avocado’s

These Smoky Stuffed Avocado’s are one of my family’s favorite appetizers. I got inspired one day when I went to my local grocery store and they had a sale on avocadoes. I just got my new smoker and I had a moment. I looked at my smoker and then back at the bag of avocadoes […]

The Smoked Big Bird

I wanted to make a chicken that is different and unlike other chicken recipes you have seen. This seasoning adds a bit ofΒ  crunch on the outside of the skin when it comes off the smoker. The key to this recipe is the breadcrumbs that are mixed into the seasoning that will coat the outside […]