Hawaii Day 4

Overall, Hawaii was an incredible experience. Some of the sights were something I’ve only seen on TV or in movies and it was incredible to get to see it with my own eyes. My wife and I agree one of the best experiences were us getting to watch our daughter fall in love with the ocean. Her being so scared the first day to laughing and rolling in the waves was beautiful to watch. Getting to spend time with family and truly unplug was just what we all needed. I loved getting to document and share this experience with you all! Stay tuned for the next MFT adventure!

Hawaii Day 3

Starting off our third day with fresh brewed coffee and listening to the waves crash against the shoreline. This morning is going to start off a little different since I had a couple ocean kayaks dropped off from “Bring Me a Kayak”. We quickly ate a bowl of Reece’s Puff cereal, so we could get out the door quickly to get into the water with the kayaks.

Day 2 in Hawaii

Time difference is an interesting thing from Oklahoma to Hawaii, since we are talking about a 5-hour difference. The wife and I kept waking up around 4am in Hawaii since that would be around 9am back in Oklahoma. What do you do at 4am in the morning while everyone else is sleeping? I brewed fresh coffee and watched the waves crash into the beach in the backyard. As the time went on the sun started coming up and the peak of the waves would light up like a spotlight were shining on them. The part of the island we are is considered the South-West, which is mainly the locals area.

Vacation to Kauai Hawaii

My family and I are taking a trip to Kauai Hawaii, to check out the beautiful island. Of course, I am excited to check out several of the local food spots. A few of the activities I have thought about are Surfing, Hiking, local food/drinks, kayaking, and snorkeling.