The All American Bean Burger

You know how most black bean burgers taste like dried out crumbly hamburgers where if you use JUST enough Ketchup, you can choke it down? Introducing a true black bean burger that tastes like if your favorite taco and your favorite burger had a baby. Let’s be honest, that’s a baby everyone wouldn’t mind taking […]

Microgreens for a Micro-date

Excerpt from Mrs. Edwards: “I’m on day 11 of a new diet, and as anyone who’s been very disciplined on a diet can tell you, it’s exceedingly difficult. Training your body to a new way of digesting food can be exhausting and being married to a chef; well that can just be pure torture. I […]

Smoked Mac N Cheese

I wanted to make a Mac N Cheese recipe after getting so many requests. This recipe is great for any gathering where you need to feed multiple people. The smoke adds a great flavor that you won’t get any with any other Mac N Cheese. I have made this recipe multiple times for family, friends, […]

Smoked Reversed Seared Tomahawk Steak

For weeks now I have been telling my wife I have been wanting to make a giant tomahawk steak. I felt partially influenced thanks to the BBQ influencers I follow on Instagram and Facebook. For this recipe I wanted to create something different than other recipes I have seen on social media. I prefer to […]

Moody Veggie Plate

Have you ever tried to start a “diet” only to fail because your surrounding circle wasn’t on the same plan as you? I have to admit I’m the worlds worst. My wife has been pushing me ever since we had our little one that she wanted to eat healthier. Shed that last bit of baby […]

Valentine’s Beef N Shrimp

Dinner reservations, no parking, long lines and cold weather. While a Valentine’s Day out on the town can be very romantic, nothing beats locally shopping for top tier ingredients and pouring your love into a home-cooked meal warm in your home. No lines, no waiting, and all the taste- testing you could imagine. My love […]

Not Your Typical Holiday AngusπŸ₯©πŸŽ„πŸ½

Christmas is awesome. I think very few want to refute that statement. But, do you remember Christmas as a child? Have any of you gotten to watch your children experience Christmas yet? Do you remember those early years? With my two-year-old, this year is magical. She can explain to me how incredibly overwhelmed she is […]