Honey Butter Kabobs

Summer can bring along many new fun ideas on Pinterest and TikTok but for lots of us summer is just another season, and the workload doesn’t stop! Here we’ve got the perfect solution for a summer dinner that’s full of our favorite summer flavors without all the hassle and clean up. These skewers are quick and easy to assemble, and the sauce is one that’s a necessity to try! You’ve never tasted salmon like this!

Family Style Brussel Sprouts

Let me introduce you to the Flaming Hot Cheetos of Brussel Sprouts. You simply will not be able to put these down. I bring these out and my wife and child immediately come at me with a fork, they never make it to plating. 😆 Thank you to LocalFarmOK for sponsoring this post and of course providing these bomb veggies right to my doorstep!! 🙌💯

High Roller

My wife sometimes says my “too much” gene is flaring up. Sometimes, she’s right. Less is more. But sometimes, on rare occasions, “too much” is never enough. And baby, this is it. This stuffed chicken has just about anything and everything one could imagine. This chicken has the perfect blend of sweet honey barbeque, cream cheese and the tangy flavors of the peppers and spinach. Sure, this recipe seems like a lot; and it is. But in the best way possible. If you’re looking for way too much, give this a whirl.

Quick N Easy Tacos

Do you ever have those days where work was not great and all you want is to be home? Skip the hour long wait times for door dash and whip up these quick n easy tacos. These are amazingly simple with very few steps and pans (good for dishes). So, turn your day around and make dinner the new start to your day!

The Springtime Salivator

This sandwich is worth fighting over and don’t get me started on the sauce. Tested by a family gathering, this sandwich brings the heat and the sweet. The strawberry sauce and the glaze are just enough to cool off the chipotle kick