Anniversary French Toast

French Toast Ingredients:  French Brioche Bread  Dash of cinnamon  1 Cup heavy whipping cream  1 Cup milk  1/2 Cup brown sugar  2 Medium eggs  1 Tsp vanilla extract Step 1. In a large bowl mix together cinnamon, whipping cream, milk, brown sugar, vanilla. Step 2. Dip bread into mixture on both sides so the bread […]

Holiday Breakfast

  A Holiday Breakfast🌲❄Cheesy scrambled eggs with tomatoes and topped with cinnamon sticks. The toast has a spread of cream cheese and Raspberry Pepper Preserve. I used spiked egg nog with a splash of nutmeg for my drink of choice. Eggs: Scramble- add Mexican blend cheese, add chopped tomatoes,bell peppers Toast: Use room temperature cream […]

The Everything Biscuit

  When you bite into this biscuit you taste a cheesy, creamy, egg biscuit. I call it the everything biscuit because you taste cream cheese with a hint of sweetness. The seasoning I used is a big part of what makes this recipe tick. Eggs: 4 eggs 1 cup Mexican flour cheese 1 tbsp milk […]

Breakfast Omelet

  This morning I made my family a breakfast Omelet. I used sriracha,honey goat cheese,avocado for plating. You get a cross between sweet creamy and spice with every bite! While I was making breakfast this morning I made mimosas to enjoy this chilly morning. “One should not attend even the end of the world without […]

A Healthy Breakfast Slice🍽😀😁

    I made a Breakfast slice with a small spice kick. To go with the spice I used a pan cooked banana with small drizzle of chocolate syrup to help cool your mouth off ,if you find the slice too hot🌶🌶🌶! On the other side of the plate I cooked a couple crispy burnt […]

A Healthy Breakfast 🥑🍌🍽

  As parents we just simply don’t have enough time in our busy days to make a big breakfast. From the second we wake up and make our coffee we are go,go,go! I have put together a quick ,but healthy breakfast for my wife. Now for all you that are mom’s out there you know, […]