Hatch Green Chile Lettuce Wraps

If you’re looking for an easy meal that’s full on flavor and low on carbs, this has got you covered. What makes this recipe even better is using the fresh, crisp produce provided by Localfarmok! This delivery service takes all the guesswork out of running circles in the produce section and brings a wonderful variety of produce each week on my doorstep! We always have a blast thinking about what to make with new produce, especially things we haven’t ever tried before! Thanks for sponsoring this post Localfarmok!

Family Style Brussel Sprouts

Let me introduce you to the Flaming Hot Cheetos of Brussel Sprouts. You simply will not be able to put these down. I bring these out and my wife and child immediately come at me with a fork, they never make it to plating. 😆 Thank you to LocalFarmOK for sponsoring this post and of course providing these bomb veggies right to my doorstep!! 🙌💯

Smoked Salmon Log

This Smoked Salmon Log is perfect for a party appetizer. You can whip this recipe together fairly quickly and the fresh salmon takes the flavor to a whole other level. I used honey coated pecans that I got from my local grocery store and they bring a hint of sweetness to the appetizer.