About me


Bio: My name is Bryan Edwards. I’m a 27-year-old husband and father born and raised in small-town Coweta a little outside the Tulsa area. I have a big, southern family that revolved around the kitchen. Every celebration, holiday, and everyday school nights were spent in the kitchen talking, doing homework and of course; cooking. Since it was always around, I never appreciated the art of cooking until my wife became pregnant and I started really paying attention to our nutrition and the quality of our food. This is when my childhood knowledge and memory really got to come alive in my adult life and my passion was re-ignited. I’ve had a food blog for a little over 2 years now and already it’s taken on many shapes and forms, hence the name “Moody Foodie”. I think as people we naturally adapt over time, which ultimately affects one of the main aspects of our lives, food. My goal is to create a career where I can utilize my passion and talents and provide for my growing family.


Moody Foodie Tulsa Synopsis: My food blog started when I first met my wife. We lived in the gym. We had no children at the time and our days consisted of several hour gym sessions, hiking and making different types of protein shakes. My blog began offering these different protein shakes, workout plans, meal prep ideas and tips of fitness. I loved it! It was a direct reflection of what our life revolved around. Then, SURPRISE! A baby was on the way! The gym sessions slowed down; the protein shakes began to be replaced with home-cooked meals. I wanted my growing child and wife to have the best I could provide. So, my blog began to reflect these differences. I loved that as well. Then, our beautiful daughter was born and OH. MY. GOSH. The sleep deprivation. The lack of time. The lack of money. The lack of patience. My blog began to take on shades of quick, easy, cheap, do-able, affordable, because that was my life at that time. My wife would try my recipes one handed while feeding our newborn and my blog posts got just a bit shorter and to the point. Despite that being one of my tougher “moods”, I loved that as well. Now, my daughter is two, my wife and I feel (somewhat) back to our normal selves and I’ve been blessed to really stretch my wings of creativity and find a new “mood” I’m really loving. Fine. Dining. The design aspect, the art of plating gorgeous food, the scenery. It’s magical! On top of all that, my food is great. Like, really great. It takes talent to make what I’m making at this time. It takes finesse. But it’s so fun and I’m having the time of my life. Who knows what mood MooyFoodieTulsa will take on next? Stick around to find out! 😊