Day 2 in Hawaii

The Second day in Hawaii started out with fresh brewed coffee then off to the beach!

Day 2

Time difference is an interesting thing from Oklahoma to Hawaii, since we are talking about a 5-hour difference. The wife and I kept waking up around 4am in Hawaii since that would be around 9am back in Oklahoma. What do you do at 4am in the morning while everyone else is sleeping? I brewed fresh coffee and watched the waves crash into the beach in the backyard. As the time went on the sun started coming up and the peak of the waves would light up like a spotlight were shining on them. The part of the island we are is considered the South-West, which is mainly the locals area.

I wanted to go down to the beach to get some early morning pictures and here comes my daughter saying, “I want to go”. It was a proud dad moment I had when I got to interduce her to the ocean. The first day we arrived she wanted nothing to do with the ocean. Now that she had a day to think about it, she was ready to see what all the fun was about. I think we were the only family on the beach by 6am, but who’s keeping track anyways.

We decided to go into town to checkout some local shops and food places. We stopped by Kalaheo Coffee Co. & Café to have some brunch. I got the breakfast special “Eggs Florentine” 2 poached eggs on an English muffin with sauteed onion, spinach, sliced tomato, and fresh avocado. Topped with hollandaise and served with a house made potato pancake. In case you are wondering what all this delicious food looks like you can check out my video I made.   


My family and I stopped by this local recommendation “Kalaheo Coffee Co. & Cafe”. This place was packed with people coming from all around the island just to have some of this fresh local coffee and breakfast. I definitely give this place a solid 5 stars for food 👌. #Moodyfoodietulsa #Hawaii #vacation #traveling #foodie #supportlocal

♬ Good Day – Nappy Roots

We have now been here on the island for about 2 days now and we have found a few things very interesting. First off, the number of random chickens on this island is hilarious, there are many “Hei Hei’s” walking around. I am sure everyone with kids is laughing right about now because you know the chicken I am referring to. The second thing is the number of places closed on weekends and for various reasons. We saw one sign that said we are closed for renovations and to give our people a break. I am a huge supporter of shopping local and taking care of the people who are working. Businesses that are willing to close for a few days to give their employees extra time off is fantastic. The third thing, most of the businesses or houses don’t have air conditioning. That does sound weird but it’s not as bad as it sounds, especially with the colder late nights.

We ended the night stopping by a local Brewery here on the island. Honestly, they had some really good food and fantastic tequila. We were hungry for more of an American style menu and that’s exactly what this place serves.   

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