Vacation to Kauai Hawaii

Traveling to Kauai Hawaii Day 1

My family and I are taking a trip to Kauai Hawaii, to check out the beautiful island. Of course, I am excited to check out several of the local food spots. A few of the activities I have thought about are Surfing, Hiking, local food/drinks, kayaking, and snorkeling.

Of course, vacation doesn’t start when you get to your destination. It’s the fact our child slept on the couch last night simply so she could hear when we woke up. She didn’t want to miss a minute. She had come to the airport many times to drop off one of her parents, so this was fun to know she was included.

As we pull up to the parking lot, I hear little squeaks and squeals coming from the backseat when she finally registers this isn’t just a pickup or a drop off, she’s coming too.

Do you remember that feeling as a kid? The feeling when your family nestles you into the backseat somewhere in that 6 AM hour while dad plays Tetris with all the bags in the trunk. All that anticipation, excitement and going into the unknown is so fun and exciting. You’re tired but have so much adrenaline running.

So far, Scarlett is killing this first flight. She was adamant about having the window seat but got nervous when we began the taxi. Now, she’s a total champ. She’s a huge fan of the drink service and loves her new wireless headphones my wife got her. Update- Parents take a change of clothes for your little ones in case they spill a drink on them.  Flight #1 in the books!

We have stopped in Denver, Colorado before we catch out 7.5 hours flight to Hawaii. I think I’m going to check out the American Express Lounge while we wait for our flight. Since I have the Amex Platinum card my family and I get access to free food/drinks.

Flight #2 will be the doozy. 7.5 hours. We will be sure and check in soon!

Captain’s Log…it’s been 46 days and still no end in sight to this flight. Nothing but ocean as far as the eye can see!

TOTALLY KIDDING. This longer flight is a doozy though. Although I must say our little has handled it like a champ. She started off playing for an hour or so and then nestled in for a long nap in my wife’s lap. We have made it through this flight spill free.

Now that we made it off the plane it’s a rush to get your bags and a rental car. Did I mention the entire Lihue Airport has no AC and it’s all under one roof. This airport was giving my wife and I flashbacks to when we went to St. Lucia. Now that the entire family got their luggage it is off to get our rental car from Thrifty. In case you are wondering what kind of car I got I will just go ahead tell you…. I got a minivan, and I am going to rock this! No, I didn’t want a minivan, however it was all they had in this entire area.

We drove about 44 minutes from the airport to our Airbnb that is right on the ocean front. After a long 22-hour day with all the time differences we are going to get some sleep! Get ready for day two.

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