MFT Update

Moodyfoodietulsa has taken a break recently. Let’s talk about it. I’ve shared the genesis story of MFT with multiple clients before but maybe not recently enough on here for some of my newer friends to know. If you’re interested, come along. MFT grew out of necessity. My new girlfriend and I had just found out we were expecting, something neither of us had planned on. We were both fitness oriented, but I became obsessed with her diet, with my growing child’s diet. I wanted everything she ate to be homemade where I could control the ingredients and the quality. We had the idea to document the journey and so began MFT. It has taken many forms and shapes over the years. My daughter is now almost 5 and doesn’t even know a dad who isn’t a food blogger. The photoshoots, blog writings, cooking wins and fails are all something she doesn’t even bat an eye at anymore.

I used MFT as not only a way to make money and begin my own business, but as a source of comfort and healing. Losing family members, a pandemic, family struggles and financial wins and setbacks all were set aside when I was cooking. My family supported every single one of my new ideas and helped foster them as they took shape.

However, MFT is currently not serving me in the way that it used to. I knew I’ve been busier at work than I ever have been, had more on my plate than ever before and began to wonder if I was pushing myself in too many directions, unable to give the best of myself to any of them. So, I am simply taking a small break. A break to recalibrate, refocus, reimagine, and reinvent what I want the next chapter of MFT to look like. I haven’t given myself a break in over 5 years now (as my wife loudly attests to), and it’s time.

It’s not the end of MFT, not even close. It’s the end of a chapter and the start of a new one. I can’t wait to take you along this journey. I appreciate all the love and support you all have given this page over the years and hope you continue to stick around after the rebrand!

Love and respect always,


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