2021 KitchenAid Senior PGA Championship

Fan Experience

Table presentation for KitchenAid Senior PGA Championship Media Dinner at Mother Road Market.

Seniors PGA Championship Trophy

Let the show begin!

KitchenAid Championship Fan Experience

KitchenAid always brings unique, culinary fan experiences to this historic and prestigious senior major, and 2021 will be no different. During Championship week, KitchenAid will welcome golf fans and culinary enthusiasts alike to visit the KitchenAid Fairway Club – the centerpiece of the fan experience at Southern Hills, and the place to learn from the experts, ask questions, be entertained and be inspired.

Tulsa is an extra special location, since the city is home to Whirlpool Corporation’s manufacturing plant, which employs more than 1,700 Oklahomans. KitchenAid, a Whirlpool Corp. brand, could not be more thrilled to bring this memorable experience to its Whirlpool Corporation family in Tulsa.

I got invited to Mother Road Market in Tulsa for the Senior PGA KitchenAid media dinner. This was such a fun and exciting experience that was one of a kind. My wife and I got to eat/drink some tasty recipes from local chefs. Check out my post below to see one of my favorite recipes from the event. If you are wondering what the 2021 Senior PGA tournament events will hold keep reading below. Maybe you’re more interested in the foodie side of things with less of the golf portion? If so, click below for a more catered post for all of my foodies out there!

Chef Charlotte Shores
Chef Tiffany Tisdale- Braxton
Chef Alex Figueira

KitchenAid Fairway Club

The KitchenAid Fairway Club, located in the Championship Courtyard to the right of the Hole 13 fairway, gives all spectators an opportunity to explore the KitchenAid brand and bring out their inner maker. Fans can ask their culinary questions, watch live chef demonstrations throughout the week and be inspired to experiment in the kitchen.

Check in at the KitchenAid Fairway Club for daily schedules, or enjoy demonstartions live streamed online at srpgachampionship.com. The schedule includes

Thursday. May 27
1 p.m.- Glory Wells & Tyrehia Walker, Wanda J’s Next Generation
2:30 p.m.- Chance Cozby, 3 Pieces of Pecan
Friday, May 28
1 p.m.- Molly Martin & Andrea Mohn, Antoinette Baking Co.
2:30 p.m.- Nico ALbert, Burning Cedar Indigenous Foods
Saturday, May 29
1 p.m.- Candace Conley, The Girl Can Cook!
2:30 p.m.- Ronnie Watchorn, American Inheritance Confectionery

KitchenAid A Woman’s Place Viewing & Panel

KitchenAid will host a special screening of its documentary short. “A Woman’s Place,” that showcases the inspiring stories of emerging women in the culinary industry and the way they combat gender inequality every day. The viewing will be followed by a live panel discussion among local female chefs and restaurateurs about the obstacles they have overcome as women in the industry. Join us for this important discussion on Wednesday, May 26 at 12:30 p.m. at the Fairway Club as part of the new KitchenAid “Woman’s Place Wednesday” initiative.

KitchenAid Putting Contest

Fans will test out their putting skills by participating in the KitchenAid putting contest near the KitchenAid Fairway Club . Each fan gets three chances to sink a putt on unique, KitchenAid-inspired putting greens.

KitchenAid Community Mural

Stop by the Fairway Club throughout the week to watch art in action! Local artist Alexander Tamahn (Taa – Mahn) will be live painting a mural in honor of the KitchenAid Senior PGA Championship. The colorful mural will embrace the spirit of Tulsa and the communities love for food and golf. This special piece of art will be dedicated to the Tulsa Whirlpool Corporation plant to commemorate the Championship event and continue providing inspiration for years to come.

Maker’s Memories

Whether a seasoned maker or new to the kitchen, everyone has a favorite story and memory from time spent cooking. KitchenAid wants to capture these memories! At the KitchenAid Fairway Club, fans will step inside the KitchenAid “Maker’s Memories” recording booth located at hole seven to share their memories. These stories will be recorded, shared and enjoyed by fellow cooking enthusiasts for years to come.

KitchenAid Smoothie Shoppe

The picture perfect mobile KitchenAid Smoothie Shoppe will be touring Tulsa the weekend prior to Championship demonstrating smoothie recipes using the latest KitchenAid blenders. Tulsans can follow the KitchenAid Smoothie Shoppe route on Twitter(@KitchenAid_Golf) for a chance to snag signature smoothie recipes and other goodies. The Smoothie Shoppe will also be parked at the seventh hole throughout the Championship week.

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