Spooky Rice Krispies

Working in retail full time, I don’t get much time at home during the holiday season. My wife is normally the one that gets to do all the fun fall activities with our daughter. (Caramel apples, candle shopping, costume shopping, etc.) So today with some free time on my hands I wanted to make a fun dessert that even a little one could participate in and enjoy. So lay down some parchment paper, let your baby be in charge of the sprinkles and let them go wild. Yes, it’s messy but it’ll be worth it and it will be a fun memory you both can treasure. Happy Halloween, families!

1 bag small marshmallows
1 stick salted butter
8 cups rice krispies cereal

1. In a large pot melt one stick butter on high heat until fully melted.
2. Add the entire bag of marshmallows to the melted butter. Turn the heat to medium or level 4-5.
3. Add the 6 cups of rice krispies and stir using a wooden spoon. You have to constantly stir to keep the marshmallows from scorching.
4. Pour the rice krispies mixture onto parchment paper and allow to cool for 20 minutes.
5. Enjoy!

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