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City Lifestyle Podcast featuring Bryan Edwards aka Moodyfoodietulsa

About: Tulsa, OK-based, Chef Bryan Edwards, better known by his moniker “Moody Foodie Tulsa,” is a Food Content Creator, Blogger, Chef, Family Man, and a wealth of knowledge when it comes to learning how he turned his passion for food into a side hustle, overcoming learning curves of food photography, growing a loyal digital following, and networking to land brand collaborations in the culinary space. With nearly 6k followers on Instagram, Bryan’s success is a result of recognizing that “as people, we naturally adapt over time, which ultimately affects one of the main aspects of our lives-food,” leading him to a continuous flow of new open doors.

Episode Notes:  As an avid City Lifestyle Contributor, publishing on average 4 articles per month to his Ambassador Page, Bryan shares how his upbringing and family life inspired him to venture passionately into cooking, creating recipes, writing about them, and sharing them with the world. Bryan talks about how his determination behind believing the sky’s the limit when it comes to growing his personal brand has led him to confidently networking and manifesting collaborations that were brought to life thanks to his trial and error and having no fear. Looking to get into or grow in the food content space? Join Bryan and I in our discussion to learn more!  

Bryan’s Recommendations:

  • Create a Hashtag: Create and use consistent hashtags for people to search for your content and/or be discovered through it, i.e. “MoodyFoodieTulsa” “TulsaChef” “FrenchToast” or “FoodBlogger” to grow your following
  • Sponsorships: Pick up the phone and call the business owner you want to collaborate with. For examples of Bryan’s results of successful outreach, see here:
  • Recipe Recommendations & Most Successful CL Articles:

Bryan Edwards’ passion for cooking is apparent throughout his articles for City Lifestyle. He shares fun, delicious recipes with relevant and well-written introductions for each article. His food photography is also outstanding and takes his content to the next level!

@CityLifestyle Editorial Team

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