Moodyfoodietulsa Street Tacos feat. local sangria

Welcome to Week 1 of MoodyFoodieTulsa’s Weekly Wine Pairing featuring Tidal School Wines.

Week 1 is SANGRIA! Tidal School Sangria is inspired by the Spanish party punches that everybody loves! This fresh, fruity and delicious blend of medium dry red wine and succulent fruit flavors make it ideal for casual encounters or a relaxing night at home.

Pairs well with: Sangria pairs great with Tex-Mex or Mexican food as a way to cool off those hot flavors. This also pairs well with seafood and cheeses!

Sangria by Tidal School Wines

Flavors: The smell and taste of fruits is definitely the superstar here. It’s a clean taste that’s light, sweet and perfect with a meal.

Price: Retails for about $12.98

Carlson-Messer Wine Works Inc. has come together to create pleasant, easy-drinking Oklahoma wines for your enjoyment with family and friends. Our lives are deeply rooted in Oklahoma and we are honored to be able to serve our neighbors! Enjoy!

For Sale In Oklahoma Only
Vinted and Bottled by: Carlson-Messer Wine Works, Inc.
Broken Arrow, Ok, USA

– 1 package White Corn Tortillas (Street Taco)
– 2 Chicken Breast (Thin Cut)
– 1 Avocado
– 1 Lime
– 1 package Cherry Tomatoes
– 1 bundle Cilantro
– 1 Cup Flour
– 2 Eggs
– 1 Cup Milk
– 1/2 Cup Cream
– 1 Cup Shredded Mango Fire Cheddar Cheese
– 5 tbsp. Hop Barons Spicy Bad Ass BBQ Rub

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1. Turn on Fryer to 400 degrees and fill to the appropriate level of vegetable oil.
2. You will need 3 different bowls for getting the chicken ready to be fried. Bowl one, Add in the eggs (beat until mixed together well). Bowl two, Add in milk/cream and mix together well. Bowl three, add flour and seasoning (I used Hop Barons Spicy Bad Ass BBQ Rub). Get these three bowls in a line (like a assembly line) so you limit the mess.
3. Using a sharp knife and a cutting board lets prep the tomatoes, avocados, cilantro and lime. Cut these items into small dices or ,however you will to eat these on your tacos. Shred the cheese until you have 1 cup.

Mango Fire Cheddar Cheese at Reasor’s

4. Cut the chicken into strips. These should be small skinny and thin strips that will easily fit inside the corn tortilla.
5. Dip the chicken strips into each bowl starting at bowl 1 and ending at bowl 3. Next, put the chicken strips into the fryer.
6. Set a timer for 6 1/2 minutes or until the chicken has reached a internal temperature of 165 degrees. I use my Thermapen Mk4 that shows me a instant read of the internal temperature. Click the link below to get your own Thermapen if you dont have one.
7. Steam the corn tortillas (I used a wet hand towel in the microwave). This will make the tortillas more pliable without breaking.
8. Lets build your street taco now! Lay down the tortilla, place chicken in the middle, add tomatoes, avocado, cheese, and cilantro.
9. Using a zester, zest the lime on top of the tacos for added flavor.
Pour yourself a glass of wine and enjoy this pairing.

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