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BlogWhen I started smoking/grilling different meats I knew I needed to find a trusted thermometer. I started looking at different blogs, websites, and reviews and noticed two main catagories. Category 1 included thermometers I found on Amazon, Walmart, and websites offering massive savings on these devices. I started asking myself would I trust a thermometer that was 65% off on a website? Category 2 included trusted reviews from people who actually only use what’s reliable, not what is on sale.

I get asked all the time what brand of thermometers do I use and trust. I trust Thermoworks due to there knowledge and experience in this field. If you are in the market for a new thermometer or want to upgrade from your old model I recommend you check this brand out.

Who is ThermoWorks?
Thermoworks believes temperature affects your daily life. Because of this, we think that great thermometers can make life better.


So far I own and use the following ThermoWorks devices. Click on any of the links below to view more details or place a order.


Here are a few words from ThermoWorks.
Temperature is Our Main Thing
Temperature is probably the most widely measured physical parameter. It affects the quality of daily life in more ways than most people imagine. We believe that great thermometers can make life better. All thermometers are not the same. You need the right instrument and the right sensor for your specific job. And your job isn’t necessarily the same as the next guy’s. Safety and quality depend on accurate temperature measurement but cost, durability, and productivity are important too. We think most people want dependable advice but it’s got to come from cooperative people that listen to what you need. Best of all you can speak to us directly. Call anytime.


Industries Served
You will find ThermoWorks products in virtually every industry. You can find us in home kitchens where our Super-Fast Thermapen has changed the cooking and dining experience of tens of thousands of great food lovers. You can find us in thousands of commercial kitchens across America. Hundreds of food processing plants and farming operations use our products, from dairy, to produce, to meat, seafood and poultry. Cold chain management employs our loggers and thermometers to make sure your food makes it to you in top quality and safety. This includes grocery stores and convenience markets. Many pharmaceutical makers are in our customer list. You’ll also find us in road construction and repair, heavy industry, manufacturing, utilities, heating and air conditioning, plastics and rubber, research and science, as well as dozens of hobby applications.


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