Sake 2 Me Sushi Restaurant Review 🌟🌟🌟🌟


I wanted to do a review on this restaurant for anyone local who likes to eat sushi. This restraunt is in Tulsa, Ok, next to a Sleep Comfort Buisness.

Buisness Location: 5 stars- This restaurant is right off of 71st and Mingo. It is very easy to get to the location from the roadway. The location was very clean on the outside and appears to be a very nice restaurant.

Sushi Quality: 4 stars-This restaurant has a great presentation of their food. When you order you have the option of getting all you can eat or buy each roll individually. I bought two rolls (8 pieces) and I could barely finish one roll. They each had a good taste. Also, I got the Viva lake, Golden Tiger, Sushi Taco, and Saman Tempera. If you like deep fried rolls you would like each one of what I ordered on the menu.

Restaurants Presentation: 4 stars- When I walked inside, I was greeted instantly by two servers. Now take in consideration this was right at 11am and this was right when they open. The lighting was kind of dim which was nice due to it being an extremely sunny day. The tables and floors where clean and streak free. This location does have a small bar, to which I can not review. I did not have any of their alcoholic drinks. The chefs were very quick at serving the food and seemed very friendly. The waitress I had seemed very knowledgeable about the food on the menu as I asked her questions about the different rolls.

I do recommend you visiting this location if you like eating sushi. It is not easy running a restaurant. I had a very pleasant experience at this location.

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