A Healthy Breakfast Slice🍽😀😁



I made a Breakfast slice with a small spice kick. To go with the spice I used a pan cooked banana with small drizzle of chocolate syrup to help cool your mouth off ,if you find the slice too hot🌶🌶🌶! On the other side of the plate I cooked a couple crispy burnt bacon strips ,which is a must have for my wife😂😂. In case you are wondering what exactly is a breakfast slice it is the following:

1. One Flatbread cooked to crisp

2. Egg whites, cut into triangles

3. 1 light layer of mayonnaise (Helmans preferably)

4. One avocado, cut into strips

5. Two egg yolks (cooked over medium)

6. Small drops of sriracha hot sauce (used for spice and decor)

7. One banana cut into bite sized, pan cooked with a small amount of butter.

8. Three bacon slices cooked to your own preference. I use two on the plate one to eat before you starve 😏😏.

Breakfast Slices -To start this meal take your flatbread and cook it for about 5 minutes in your toaster oven (Can make anyway you prefer (toasted,non toasted). Add one thin layer of mayonnaise on your triangular cut pieces of flatbread. Next your going to cook your egg whites in a pan (like you’re making an omelet). Once you have an egg white omelet that is cooked to your own preference cut it in three slices like a triangle. Place one of these pieces onto your flatbread. Next take an avacado (wash it off) and cut it open carefully. Use a spoon to get the seed out and make slices within the avocado. After that use that same spoon to get your slices out of your avocado. Place two slices facing each other on top of your flatbread so it makes an circular hole using your slices. Take two egg yolks and carefully cook them over medium in a saucepan. Once they are done place these in the circular hole ontop of your avocado. The final step is to make little drops of sriracha hot sauce around the edges of your avocado.

Cooked Banana- First peel your banana and cut it into bite sized slices. Next your going to get a small pan and put a small slice of butter in the pan. This will help the banana not stick to the pan and add flavor to the banana. Once the banana slices are in your pan you want to cook them on medium heat until they are almost mushy through the pieces. Carefully take them out and drizzle a small amount of hershey’s chocolate syrup. This will help your mouth cool off if the sriracha is to hot for you. (My baby was a big fan of the bananas)

Bacon slices in a microwave– place on a microwaveable plate and cover with a paper towel. Cook on high in your microwave for about three minutes and thirty seconds. Let cool and try a piece.

I hope everyone has enjoyed this wonderful morning breakfast as much as I have!

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