The Captain’s Screwdriver🍹🍹🍹



Some day’s as parents we just need something to help take the edge off. I used some leftover ingredients from my detox water and some leftover Captain Morgan Spiced Rum 100 proof.

1. 1 lime

2. 3 leaves of fresh mint

3. 1 1/2 oz of Captain Morgan spiced rum

4. 2 oz orange juice (no pulp)

5. 1 bottle tonic water

6. 1 tbsp powdered sugar

Pour in your rum,orange juice, and place your mint all in a glass. Cut one slice of fresh lime (for decoration) and make a cut on the outer edge of the lime. Place that cut lime on the edge of the glass. Squeeze 1/2 oz of fresh lime juice into the glass and top off the remaining with tonic water. Dust the top of the glass and lime with the powdered sugar. Now kick back relax and please drink responsibly!

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